Improving the Lives of Our Community of Clients Through a Wide Range of Therapy Services

For many clients confronting major life stressors, therapy can create skills that produce lasting, meaningful change. That’s why at Healing Connections, we offer a range of therapy and counseling services for clients facing multiple issues in their lives.

Our licensed, skilled therapists help clients to manage stress, build and maintain healthy relationships and manage emotions more effectively.

Healing Connections Therapy Center for DBT, family therapy, couples therapy, day treatment and more

Healing Connections’ Amy Quinn, MA, in her office

Our highly-trained therapists provide counseling services relating to a wide variety of issues, including:

Adjustment Disorders
Adolescent Behavior Disorders
Affective Disorders (Bipolar Disorder & Major Depression)
Anxiety Disorders
Borderline Personality Disorder
Chemical Dependency Issues
Crisis and Trauma
Dissociative Disorders
Eating Disorders
Family issues Grief and loss
Identity Disorders
Impulse Disorders
Marriage and Family Issues
Mens Issues
Panic and Phobias
Personality Disorders
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Relationship Issues
School Related Problems
Sexual and / or Physical Abuse
Womens’ Issues
Workplace Issues

Our therapists treat individuals, couples and families:

Through our integrated approach to treatment, we’re able to provide our therapeutic services on an individualized basis that maximizes positive outcomes. Our goal is to help each client realize his or her long-term goals and develop skills that stand the test of time.

A team approach that offers collective, caring treatment for all clients

Clients who choose Healing Connections for their therapy receive more than just individualized attention from one therapist. They receive a support system that extends across the entire staff to facilitate the well-being of each client in a connective manner.

Our therapists are then able to gently encourage healing, acceptance, and change, giving clients the resources and support needed to confront stressors and encourage positive growth.

Effective treatment that combines therapy and medication management

At Healing Connections, we believe in offering the best possible solutions for our clients. For some, this means combining medication and therapy services to make treatment exceptionally effective.

That’s why at our office, we offer medication management on site through our Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. This gives our clients unique access to services not available at many other offices and optimizes treatments to handle symptoms that often interfere with healing.

At Healing Connections, clients receive the support, resources, and community they need for personal growth and well being.

To learn more about our therapy offerings,  call us at (952) 892-7690