Family Therapy

Family Therapy Can Provide Healing and Relief for Many Important Issues

For families, many critical issues or problems can arise, causing stress and other problems in the household. By addressing such issues directly, with the help of trained professionals, families can work toward resolution, growth, and contentment.

At Healing Connections, we work with couples and family members to help them deal with a wide range of issues that may be causing distress. One thing that is unique about us is our facilities: families have access to a comfortable home-like environment and a supportive staff that helps them actually feel “at home”.

Families might experience one or many issues worth discussing

Our therapists are professionally trained to help families deal with many kinds of stressors.

  • Communication issues
  • Life transitions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Blending of families and related issues
  • Mental illness, which might affect one or more family members

We work with individual family members and/or the family as a group to discuss such problems, and how and why those issues are affecting the family dynamic.

Family therapy at Healing Connections is convenient and customized through our community-based approach

Family therapy sessions are typically once per week, although we accommodate the needs of our clients on an individual basis.

We always provide a comfortable, caring environment that makes families feel at home. Each family member is free to speak openly and honestly about their personal feelings.

Healing Connections offers the familiarity of home, allowing families to thrive

Through our home-like offices and community-based environment, our therapists offer the ideal setting for families to work together to deal with important issues that affect their daily lives.

If you believe that your family can benefit and grow from family counseling and therapy, call us at (952) 892-7690