Group Therapy Offers a Safe Environment Where Support is Both Given and Received

While individual therapy is enough for some clients, other clients experience many measurable benefits of group counseling. Group therapy can help individuals develop new coping skills while enhancing the skills learned in individual sessions, for a better overall outcome.

At Healing Connections we offer a variety of group therapy options.

Group therapy sets goals that coincide with the healthy reinforcement of skills

Group therapy enhances our other services and focuses on specific goals:

  • Develop positive coping skills
  • Give mutual support and validation to other group members
  • Learn to manage issues and symptoms more effectively

These goals are intended to complement individual therapy and increase our clients’ ability to apply skills to their daily lives. Clients can then enjoy their lives fully and break free from cyclical patterns of unhealthy behavior.

Group therapy furthers individual progress, leading to lasting outcomes and positive change

Clients who attend group therapy and take advantage of the additional skills it has to offer recognize a true difference in their outcome and ability to embrace natural change in life. Our groups provide a comfortable, nurturing environment for individual progress.

If you believe group therapy and counseling might be the right choice for you, call us at (952) 892-7690