Day Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Program

day treatment

Intensive Outpatient Program / Day Treatment to Help Individuals Effectively Manage Their Emotions, Relationships, and Happiness

Hospital-based services aren’t for everyone and at Healing Connections, we firmly believe this to be true. That’s why we offer intensive outpatient programs / intensive day treatment options that provide an alternative to, prevention of, or transition from services regularly administered in the hospital.

Our goal in doing so is to stabilize acute instances of mental illness and to teach and reinforce skills that help reduce stress, manage chaotic life situations, regulate emotions, and decrease ineffective coping behaviors. By giving our therapy a specific DBT treatment focus, our community of DBT therapists is able to enhance outcomes and promote the positive completion of therapy.

At Healing Connections we offer a 12-week-long fully certified Day Treatment program to accommodate many common conditions, stressors and needs.

  • Three days per week for three hours per day
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Mindfulness Teaching & Practice

Mindfulness is a core component of DBT treatment, allowing our clients to become aware of both their external and internal environments to make changes. Through this awareness, clients can connect their emotions, actions, and their body to encourage positive growth and change.

Managing Relationships

Relationships are a common stressor for individuals, couples, and adolescents, causing dysregulation and maladaptive behaviors for many. With a strong focus on DBT treatment and managing relationships, clients are able to regain control of their emotions, promoting growth and healing in these relationships.

Managing Stress

Stress can cause physical, mental, and emotional pain in the lives of many clients. With the assistance of our community of DBT therapists, clients can take advantage of this core component of DBT treatment and learn to manage their stress more effectively, thereby making life worth living.

Managing Emotions

Like stress, emotional inhibition and instability can wreak havoc on daily life, a client’s relationships, and the ability to improve their level of functioning. However, through our focused DBT treatment on managing emotions, clients can forge the connection between emotions and their body, leading to growth and positive change.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness takes advantage of our Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, allowing clients to get individualized planning regarding medication management, nutrition, sleep, exercise, and movement. As a result, behavior can be changed to accommodate changes and growth that occur as therapy progresses.

Recovery Lifestyle

Our recovery lifestyle module promotes a commitment to a clean and sober lifestyle for clients facing chemical dependencies, gambling, addictions, and emotional instability. By approaching the topic in a non-judgmental way, our community is able to offer alternatives to negative choices through acceptance and validation.

Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis is a key component of DBT treatment but it is also used for other therapy services. By encouraging clients to consider past behaviors, emotions, body sensations, and thoughts and making sense of them all, clients are able to learn what to do differently in the future to continue positive change and growth in their lives.


With a body-centered focus, the experiential module allows clients to recognize awareness of boundaries and how their bodies respond to traumatic events. Through participatory and interactive therapeutic experiences with others, clients are able to have a reparative experience that promotes learning through doing.

Building Pleasure

For many clients, numbing pain also numbs positivity in their lives, causing dissociation and making even the most pleasurable experiences negative. Through this module, clients are able to reconnect with emotions, even the uncomfortable ones, to learn how each emotion serves a useful, constructive purpose in life.

Skills Reinforcement

Drift happens, even for the most dedicated, responsive clients. As a result, we offer a skills reinforcement module that allows clients to review their skills that they’ve learned throughout the program. By doing so, we encourage the positive acclimation of skills learned in everyday life, resulting in positive outcomes.

Our Day Treatment program lasts for 12 weeks:

  • Three days per week for three hours per day
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

For more information on our intensive day treatment program, call us at (952) 892-7690