Trauma Skills

Trauma Skills Group

Are you struggling with internal discomfort that shows up in symptoms like spaciness, numbness, stuck feelings, agitation, high anxiety, fear, panic, restlessness, or other reactions that don’t feel like who you know yourself to be?

Through psycho-education and experiential exercises, clients can :

  • Develop an understanding of their internal organization and make sense of the automatic patterns that are running
  • Develop an observing self that can differentiate between core values and trauma patterns
  • Develop the capacity to attune and attend to self with kindness and curiosity
  • Develop a choice to interrupt the automatic patterns
  • Increase skills in managing trauma activation
  • Grow choices about how to manage automatic patterns in relationships
  • Build the capacity to experience comfort, ease, and relaxation

Time: Mondays from 3:30-5:00 pm or Wednesdays from 9:30-11:00 am

Place:   Healing Connections Therapy Center 1751 Southcross Dr. Burnsville

Facilitator:   Lisa Johnson Taylor, MA, LP

Contact:  952-892-7690 press 0 for the office staff with any questions or to set up an intake

This group is designed with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Techniques, Body Centered Exercises, and Internal Relational Therapies that support clients in being able to navigate trauma activation patterns.