DBT Life Skills II

DBT Treatment and DBT Life Skills II: Increasing Self-Worth, Self-Identity and Skills for Daily Life

Intended as the follow up to our DBT Life Skills I program, DBT Life Skills II transforms the general skills acquired during the first program and generalizes them to increase their utility in daily life.

Whereas our Life Skills I is meant to regulate the emotions, chaotic relationships and self-harming behaviors that interfere with daily life, DBT Life Skills II goes beyond just containment; it’s designed to help our clients regulate and express emotions without using the ineffective coping strategies they have used in the past.

What does DBT Life Skills II entail?

DBT Life Skills II is focused on applying the skills, lessons and practice acquired in DBT Life Skills I to daily life, to:

  • Increase one’s sense of self-worth
  • Promote a healthy self identity
  • Develop healthy boundaries
  • Increase social interest and foster a contribution to society

Often, cognitive understanding and insight into issues are not enough to eliminate traumatic experiences from a client’s memory. For this reason our DBT-certified therapists utilize additional training and coaching including movement and psychodrama, body-centered exercises and other proven, creative techniques. Such methods ensure a comprehensive approach toward long-term success.

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