Collaborating With Adolescents to Create Positive Patterns of Thinking, Feeling, and Acting

iStock_000003511925MediumBeing a teenager can be difficult, especially when it comes to experiencing, regulating, and accepting the natural change that accompanies growing up. For some, making these changes is simple but for others, experiencing change can produce stressors that make life challenging.

At Healing Connections, we offer individual teen counseling that helps adolescents embrace the new patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting that accompanies growth and development. And, by including parents and guardians in a session once per month, teens and their families can come together to invoke positive change.

Confronting the struggles of adolescence encourages the development of meaningful, adaptive skills

Every teenager experiences adolescence differently, but most everyone experiences the same needs throughout this time. At Healing Connections, we help teenagers struggling with the ability to fulfill these needs, including:

  • Managing stress and emotions
  • Talking about their feelings
  • Maintaining healthy relationships
  • Accepting and coping with difficulties

Containing and regulating the emotions that accompany these experiences can pose a challenge for adolescents, making teen counseling or teen therapy services a constructive solution for many.

At Healing Connections, we promote individual solutions suited to each client


Just like our other therapy services, our community of therapists approaches each adolescent with an individualized approach.

Doing so allows us to provide each of our clients with key skills needed to accommodate change and handle stressors effectively as they continue to grow.

If you believe your adolescent could benefit from professional counseling and therapy services, call us at (952) 892-7690