Mindful Monday: Mindful Moments in Parenting

Posted on March 26, 2018 by JoAnne

Parenting is hard.  Trying to stay mindful in the midst of parenting chaos is even more challenging. Here are four tips from clinical psychologist and mindful parenting expert, Stefanie Goldstein, for making those parenting moments count.  (Full article by Heather Grimes from www.mindful.org here.)

1) Slow Down – “We are often so rushed to get out the door, dinner on the table and everyone to bed that we miss the small precious moments that are actually there. See if the next time you catch yourself rushing around, if you can take a deep breath, check in and see what or who you might be missing.”

2) Make Contact – “Families are often together but are not actually spending quality time connecting – everyone is doing their own thing, like sitting next to each other while everyone is on their own devices. Where can you make contact today – a simple hug, smile or loving touch can go a long way.”

3) Make it Count – “When was the last time you told your child or partner that you loved them, really looked them in the eyes and expressed your gratitude for something they said or did? See if you can find at least one thing to be grateful for with your family and tell them!”

4) Be Kind – “When we get caught up the stress and demands of keeping up with every day like, we can forget to be nice to each other. See where you can be kind to your loved ones today – perhaps doing something like leaving a sweet note in a lunch box or sending an unexpected text saying, “Just thinking of you.” Be kind whenever possible, knowing that it is always possible.”

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