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Mindful Monday: Be Present with Pets

People say all the time that pets are invaluable for their unconditional love and companionship, but they are also great examples of mindfulness. A survey on Mindful.org explored those benefits and here are some of their results. How do your pets encourage you to be mindful? “They encourage me to be still with them, toContinue Reading

Mindful Monday: Sleep

So many people have trouble falling asleep for various reasons.  Applying mindfulness techniques can help reduce insomnia.  Cara Bradley talks about using mindfulness to help fall asleep in her article from mindful.org.  Her process combines simple and relaxing yoga moves with meditation to calm your body and slow down your thoughts so you can fall asleepContinue Reading

Mindful Monday: Mindful Moments in Parenting

Parenting is hard.  Trying to stay mindful in the midst of parenting chaos is even more challenging. Here are four tips from clinical psychologist and mindful parenting expert, Stefanie Goldstein, for making those parenting moments count.  (Full article by Heather Grimes from www.mindful.org here.) 1) Slow Down – “We are often so rushed to get out the door,Continue Reading

Mindful Monday: Mindful Self-care

When we spend the weekend “relaxing” and shutting off after a stressful week and call it “self-care” are we really taking care of ourselves or trying to escape?  There is a very interesting exploration of self-care versus escaping in the blog post by Lisa Blair on Femsplain. “Escapism is the opposite of mindfulness. When weContinue Reading

Mindful Monday: Make Your Own Luck

We can make our own luck by being mindful and having an openness to accept new experiences in our daily lives.  In “Make Your Own Luck” from Phychology Today, Rebecca Webber talks about five tips to start seizing the opportunities thrown at us which leads to happier and luckier lives. Read more here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201005/make-your-own-luck