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Mindful Monday: Mindful Self-care

When we spend the weekend “relaxing” and shutting off after a stressful week and call it “self-care” are we really taking care of ourselves or trying to escape?  There is a very interesting exploration of self-care versus escaping in the blog post by Lisa Blair on Femsplain.

“Escapism is the opposite of mindfulness. When we use self-care as an escape, we learn nothing, change nothing, solve nothing, work through nothing. The reasons we need self-care in the first place are lost. All we’re left with is the good feeling that comes with pampering, and all we can do is enter and exit a cycle of repressing, forgetting, and consuming….

To really care for yourself you have to be there. You can’t just check out and expect to feel better when you have to return. Pay attention, count your breaths, and feel your body.

Use the safety of self-care to confront what hurts. Use it as a time for intimacy with yourself and what is.

Use the masks and the bombs, make smoothie bowls and drink lots of water. But while you do it, make sure a change is happening inside, too.”

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Mindful Monday: Make Your Own Luck

We can make our own luck by being mindful and having an openness to accept new experiences in our daily lives.  In “Make Your Own Luck” from Phychology Today, Rebecca Webber talks about five tips to start seizing the opportunities thrown at us which leads to happier and luckier lives. Read more here: https://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/201005/make-your-own-luck  

Mindful Monday: Focus on the Positive

This article by Dr. Marlynn Wei from Psychology Today focuses on retraining your mind to focus on the positive. “There is a tendency in medicine to start with what’s wrong. After all, most of us go see a doctor because we feel like something is “wrong.” And it is important not to minimize that for manyContinue Reading

Mindful Monday: Smile

This is some great advice for a simple mindfulness tool that anyone can do from the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. There has been a lot of practice and study in the power of smiling as seen in this article “The Power of the Smile in Our Meditation and Lives” by Steven Goodheart.Continue Reading

Mindful Monday: Mindful Kids

Benefits Of Mindfulness With Children Practiced mindfulness can help your child in the following ways: Mindful children experience less stress, anxiety and sadness Mindful children are better able to cope with change and other stressors. Mindful children have better sleep habits Mindful children feel more connected to the people around them Mindful children are moreContinue Reading